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GXP is an independent non-profit foundation associated with leading European universities, devoted to using controlled experiments to learn about economic behaviour.

  • Participate in simple decision tasks of 5-10 minutes.
  • You will always be rewarded.
  • You can expect to earn 12 Euro/hour on average.
  • How much you earn depends on your decisions.
  • You will be paid via Skrill or bank transfer (optional in most tasks).
  • We are only interested in your decisions, not in your personal information.



We apply experimental methods to study economic questions and human behaviour. The data collected in our decision tasks are used to test the validity of economic theories, estimate effect size, illuminate market mechanisms and help to discover new principles on which theory can be extended. The scientific quality of every task is assessed by a scientific board with expert researchers.

We believe in the method of randomized controlled trials which are replicable and transparent. Our research philosophy is rooted in the Nobel Prize winning fundamental principle of economic experiments: participants are at no time deceived and receive earnings that may vary according to their decisions taken.




We believe in protecting your personal information

  • We process your personal information with care and in accordance with applicable legislation. For more info on how we do this, we refer to our Privacy Policy.

  • We will do our best to supply our researchers only with non-personal information (e.g., de-personalized or aggregate data).

  • Your Skrill information will only be used to pay you for your participation.


GXP is an initiative of the non-profit GXP Foundation, originally founded by three economics professors in The Netherlands


In our tasks you will be asked to make decisions, e.g., choose between two lotteries, how much of a budget to invest into something, etc. At the beginning of most task you will be endowed with some money. Whenever you are asked to invest or pay something, this will be deducted from the money you got up front. All tasks are designed in such a way that you will never owe us some money. The worst that can happen to you is that you lose all the money that you received at the start, but this will not happen very often if you take your decisions carefully. In some tasks there will be an element of chance. For example, the GXP computer may randomly determine a partner for you to play with or randomly draw one of several of your decisions to pay them out. You will always be truthfully informed about the consequences before you take a decision. The tasks do not take much time and their approximate duration will be indicated before you start the task.

Sometimes the consequences of your decisions will depend on what other participants decide. You will be informed before you start the task whether the consequences of your decision depend on the decisions of other participants. If you are participating in a group task, you may be asked to wait until all members of your group are online, or until other members of your group have made their decision.

We believe in the method of randomized controlled trials which are replicable and transparent. Our research philosophy is rooted in the fundamental principle of economic experiments: First, at no time you should be deceived about the consequences of your decisions. In fact, all tasks that are uploaded on GXP have been checked for this by our quality board of academic research experts. Second, you should always receive earnings for participating in a task. These earnings may vary according to the decisions taken by you and others that you play with (if you play with others). It is possible that you earn much more than others, but it is also possible that you earn less or even nothing at all. Over the course of several experiments these variations should average out.

We will pay your earnings by using Skrill. You have to sign up for Skrill before you can use your earnings. For more information see https://www.skrill.com.

Yes, if not explicitly stated otherwise there will be always other humans playing against you. In some selected tasks you may also play against a computer, however, you will always be informed about this when you are invited to a task or at the beginning of the task itself.

The tasks on GXP are designed by academic researchers as part of their research on human decision making and behavior. Your decisions directly contribute to greater insight into human behavior and will be used to test theories from various disciplines such as economics, sociology, psychology, biology, political sciences, business studies, and social geography, to name but a few.